My Focus 

I specialize in developing a unique solution that matches the needs of the particular company and is designed to resolve that company's specific problems. I develop solutions for your specific company, and see sustained improvements that are the rule, rather than the exception.



I provide consulting services to companies that need assistance in improving performance in all aspects of operations, both domestic and foreign. Utilizing principles that have been developed through years of experience, I am able to provide you with a competitive edge in any industry. 

OUr services

  • Balancing Sales Plans and Production Plans
  • Controlling Inventories
  • Improving On-Time Deliveries
  • Controlling Overtime an Labor Costs
  • Promoting Management's Use of Cost Management
  • Developing and Implementing Improved Scheduling Techniques
  • Analyzing and Modifying Management Organizational Structures 
  • Identification and Implementation of Best Practices 

Rick Trudo